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“I would like to let all those smokers out there, who are contemplating giving up smoking, know about this product.
I have been a smoker for decades; smoking about 6 packets of cigarettes a week at enormous cost (i thought the more expensive ones would be better…). Since the plain packaging law was affected, the brand of cigarettes I smoked, changed from very pleasant taste to one of chemical flavour, sometimes there would be broken cigarettes in a packet. I thought not a lot of care was being taken with the production, wonder exactly what was I in haling? Goodness knows!
Time to give it away, so I purchased a E-Hope Kit and can state here: “It was wonderful”.
I find myself a lot healthier, and can gauge this by the Water Aerobics fitness class I attend 3 times a week. Every exercise comes so much easier and is so much more enjoyable without the dreaded cigarettes. I can highly recommend E-Hope , it is really working for me, I am thrilled I found it, and have heard from other folk who have given up by this method.”


“I have battled to quit smoking on and off for 30 years. I was great at quitting, and even better at starting up again. Going back to cigarettes would start with one puff here and there, the one puff would lead to “ one cigarette “ and within days, the old habit was back with a vengeance and i was a smoker again. Very quickly the “symptoms “ of smoking came back, and along with it came the feeling of shame and disappointment for taking them up again.

I started using E-Hope over a year ago, and I’ve not had one cigarette since nor have I wanted one. I use occasionally use the e-cig when the cigarette urge is triggered, which is less and less these days, and the thought of smoking now makes me cringe and is something I know I will never do again.

I am now aware of so many things I never noticed when I smoked. No matter how hard a smoker tries to mask the smell on their hair, clothes and especially their breath, they can’t . They make your teeth and fingers yellow, burn your clothes and anything around you while you. They have incredibly scary images on the pack to graphically show you exactly what your cigarette is doing to your body, yet the addiction is so powerful we learn to ignore the box and light up anyway. Cigarettes had the power to take full control of me, and required my attention by making me anxious if ignored them. Worst of all, cigarettes have taken the lives of many people I love, and if I continued they were likely to do the same to me.

I highly recommend using the E-Hope to break the habit. I’ve tried many programs,sprays and patches and the e-cig is the only thing that has worked for me.”


“Since I started using E-Hope in February 2014 I have not smoked a single cigarette.

A I am a father of a young son, I would like to thank you on behalf of him as well.

Daddy will be around a lot longer now.”


“I have been a smoker for the last 30 years and have on many occasions tried to give up. Each attempt failed miserably and left me feeling upset and frustrated. Finally I reached the conclusion that it was impossible for me to quit. I would have to practice harm minimisation.
Then, in September 2013 I happened to meet the E-Hope team and after trying their product I was totally hooked. I have not looked back since my first encounter with E-Hope.
It now 6 months since quitting cigarettes and I have never felt so healthy. My smoker’s cough has totally disappeared and I can run up hills without puffing and panting. My friends all remark that I have never looked so healthy.

I would thoroughly recommend the E-Hope electronic cigarette. Thank you team E-Hope.”